Because of this, many garment retailers have decided to send hangers home with the customers. Those customers may use these hangers in their closets at home, but many people toss the hangers into the garbage, where they eventually end up in landfills.

For retailers who partner with JDM Sorting, it works a completely different way. In an effort to reduce waste, they have decided to keep the hangers for reuse.

  • It all starts at the registers where Customer Service Representatives take purchased clothing off the display hangers and collect them. These hangers then hitch a ride directly to the retailers’ Distribution Centers on empty trucks that have delivered new clothes to each retail location. This is an especially “green” activity, known as “reverse logistics,” since these trucks are already required to move back and forth from the Distribution Centers to the stores. When they return empty, that wastes resources. When the trucks can be filled with empty hangers on a mission to avoid a landfill, it uses resources wisely.
  • JDM Sorting goes a step further by working with regional carriers located near its own sorting facilities so they can return their trailers with minimum impact on the carbon footprint.
  • JDM Sorting picks up the hangers and transports them to one of its sorting facilities where employees carefully check the hangers for quality, then sort and repackage them. The recycled, repackaged hangers are then sold back at a significant discount to garment vendors. JDM Sorting reuses or recycles 100% of all hangers: more than 80% find second lives as hangers; and the balance of broken hangers are sold to recycle companies to reproduce other new plastic products.